What We Do:


Proactima is contributing to a more sustainable society by helping our customers to understand and handle threats and opportunities related to sustainability and ESG.

The Paris agreement and the UN Sustainable Development Goals set the scene for a more rapid change in how society, companies and people relate to climate change challenges and the transition to a more sustainable future. Many of our customers experience new demands and expectations from their most important stakeholders related to what they have to comply with in order to be regarded as a responsible member of the society and an attractive investment enterprise. This is driven partly by the society which in increasing degree is focusing on the transition to av low emission society, but also by the finance and investment environments, which based on the EU’s taxonomy for sustainable investments demand transparence in and emphasis on the companies’ risk profile related to climate and environmental sustainability.

Many experiences the rapidness in the development and the complexity related to ESG. Simultaneously, we see that many tends to make this more difficult than it has to be. In good Proactima spirit, our approach is to “challenge the generally accepted” and “simplify the complex”. When meeting our customers, we apply a pragmatic approach to ESG. We start with what customers already has incorporated and are focusing on that the ESG shall be an integrated part of the company’s present management objectives, strategy and processes.

We support our customers in the following main areas:

  • Understand and include implications from ESG and climate related risk in the company’s business strategy
  • Define an effective and correct proportional approach to managing sustainability in the company
  • Identify and suggest effective measures to improve the company’s sustainability
  • Communicate and report ESG ad sustainability to different stakeholders in an appropriate way (including sustainability reports and TCFD reports)
  • Increase company competence through training and courses

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