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Managing Risk


Great interest in Proactima

This is Trond Winther´s reaction a few weeks after Proactima started its recruitment campaign. The company is strengthening itself in all four offices and has been broadly seeking for consultants with knowledge of risk and HSE. Trond Winther is the CEO of the company and has been reading all the applications.

Lectures for UiS students

Two representatives of Proactima today held lectures on risk management for students at the University of Stavanger (UiS). The 10 credits program is part of the continuing education program offered by UiS. Risk management is one of several subjects included in the master’s degree.

Security of democratic processes

Proactima pulled the longest straw in the competition for the Ministry of Local Government and Modernisation’s project “Security of democratic processes in Norway”. This is part of the work on new electoral law in Norway; a work under the auspices of the government´s electoral law committee.