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Emergency Preparedness

Proactima offers leading competence within landbased, maritime and petroleum industry related emergency preparedness services.

We can assist in developing a complete emergency preparedness organization. We are experienced in both private and public sector, and have clients both nationally and internationally.

Our services are founded on a good understanding of current regualtions, the latest research and broad experience with emergeny preparedness analysis, competence regualtions, plans and emergency preparedness management on all levels. Proactima have modern and well equipped emergency response facilities and a fully operative onshore emergency preparedness organisation, with reception sites all over the country, next of kin and strategic communiation support. We also have our own training facilities across the country.

We are able to assist with coaching of key funtions after an incident have occured, and a verification program and revision of our customers or their partners.

Emergency preparedness analysis

Proactima’s emergency preparedness analyses are carried out pursuant to relevant regulatory requirements and industry standards. Relevant interested parties are involved in the work to ensure good quality analysis results, to anchor results and simplify implementation of measures. Location-specific factors that impact the risk level should also be risk-assessed, and followed up with a location-specific emergency preparedness analysis.

Based on the analysis the principal will be able to establish, conduct audits of and continuously improve its emergency preparedness solution based on this.

Emergency preparedness documentation

Proactima uses highly competent consultants with considerable practical experience from authority audits, public emergency and preparedness agencies, national accident investigation boards and private and volunteer emergency preparedness players. We have experience from all parts of local, regional and national preparedness organisation, from tactical efforts at the scene, to strategic and reputation-related assessments. This enables us to understand the needs in your organisation, and realise them as correct and efficient emergency preparedness documentation. We also have extensiveexperience with adapting emergency preparedness documentation for electronic tools.

Emergency Preparedness Training and Exercises

Our training and exercises could be standard off-the-shelf solutions, or tailored to your organisation, operation and location. We can also provide individual guidance for key personnel during training, exercises and response efforts. We have experienced markers for role-play or practical exercises in the operations room, evacuee centre, etc., as needed. The media will be an important factor in a real-life situation, and we also have good experience with training for this, from moderate media pressure to a full-scale exercise with TV and radio broadcasts and digital media.

The human element in emergency preparedness

Emergency preparedness situations require managers to make quick and good decisions while under stress. Stress impacts attention, memory and communication. Being aware of this is necessary for good management. Proactima can provide anything from lectures and training in human reactions in crisis situations for response personnel, to selection processes for response personnel. Through training, simulation and exercises, we will contribute observations and communication training for personnel who participate or will participate in emergency preparedness organisations.

Proactima has psychologists who can assist organisations, groups or individuals in the event of critical incidents. We provide different forms of follow-up such as defuse or debrief in groups, or individual follow-up. We can also assist with the establishment of a colleague support scheme through courses and follow-up facilitated for each organisation.

Proactima delivers courses and practical training employees in the reception personell involved in next of kin work and provides assistance when establishing evacuee centres or establishing a centre for safeguarding next of kin. We can assist with training in organising this type of centre, as well as training in relation to psychological factors and reactions that could arise in the event of a critical incident.